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we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, the 19th day of january 2010. you're looking at our nice friends outside on the plaza. thanks to them for stopping by. meanwhile, inside studio , i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales. al is out in los angeles. they've got some heavy rains coming for the people in southern california that's going to cause a lot of serious problems, more than it's already caused, and we're going to check in with al in just a little while. also ahead, more on haiti one week after the devastating earthquake there. natalie, rescuers are making frantic efforts to find survivors in the ruins. there are some miraculous stories of survival. we've brought you some of those. we're going to see the dramatic
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rescue of one woman who was pulled out alive from the rubble after six days. her heroes, some los angeles firefighters. >> truly incredible stories there. meanwhile, matt, others are still hoping and waiting for that same kind of miracle. the search for four missing lynn university students continues at the hotel montana. we're going to get the very latest on the rescue efforts there, and then we're also going to talk live to the students' families in florida, coming up. then later on we're going to switch gears a bit with somewhat i think is smart advice, what you need to know about your credit if you're thinking of buying a home. seven mistakes that too many people seem to make. we'll talk about those, but first, let's go to the news desk. ann's standing by back from haiti with a look at the headlines. >> welcome back, ann. >> thanks a lot, matt and natalie. good morning once again, everybody. in the news, as matt was mentioning, a week after haiti's devastating earthquake, a stunning estimate. officials now believe that the earthquake has killed more than 200,000 people and left 1.5 million homeless. today, u.s. military helicopters landed on the grounds of the
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earthquake-shattered presidential palace and began dropping off u.s. troops. with roads and bridges damaged, the u.s. military using planes and helicopters to make the drops of water and ready-to-eat meals. and meantime, searchers are still looking for survivors. on monday, a dramatic rescue. the remarkable story from our reporter bill neely of our british partner itn in port-au-prince. >> reporter: in the ruins of haiti, the signs aren't good. it's day six. the diggers tear at rubble, making survival beneath unlikely. one man looks on. ra j r raje still believes his wife, a bank worker, just might still be alive. he rushes in every time ground is cleared. this time, someone hears a noise. he calls for silence, then for his wife, jeanette. >> she's alive! >> reporter: "okay, she's there,
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she's alive," he says. they scrape away stones to expose a small hole and allow the first light to reach the woman in six days. her husband overwhelmed. i can hear jeanette talking. i put a microphone in and ask her if she's injured. [ speaking foreign language ] "yes," she says, "my fingers are broken." [ speaking foreign language ] she tells me she needs water. it would be a great pleasure, "i'm thirsty and i can't see," she says. then a message for her husband. [ speaking foreign language ] "even if i die, i love you so much. don't forget it." the risk of her dying remains. not her husband nor anyone here has the equipment to get her out. >> would you like to take a look? >> reporter: suddenly, help
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arrives, firefighters from los angeles. >> we can see her hair right there. >> reporter: they push a tiny camera into the hole and jeanette is revealed. >> let's take a look at her body orientation. >> okay, we're going to get you something to drink first. >> reporter: they get her water and then begin cutting into the cables and beams around her. the light is fading. hope is not. then, our first clear sight of her, dust in her eyes, smiling, wincing, but alive. >> okay, all quiet. >> reporter: there is just one major worry now, an aftershock. >> we may not have a whole lot of time. once it goes, it goes. >> reporter: a rescuer reaches her hand. she is in pain. >> hang in there, jeanette. >> all right, jeanette, we're almost there. >> reporter: within three hours of first hearing her voice, she emerges. >> one, two, three.
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>> reporter: her first words, "thank you, god," and then an astonishing moment. ♪ the words of her song, "don't be afraid of death." she told me she always thought she'd survive, but she wondered why this had happened to her. did you think you would live, jeanette? did you think you would live? >> live? >> reporter: yes. >> why not? >> all right, nice and easy. >> reporter: jeanette is alive, and for her husband, it's a miracle, but her survival is the exception in a city of death. she drove away as if nothing had happened, to see for herself the horror that had been hidden from her. bill neely for nbc news in port-au-prince. also in the news this morning, security has been stepped up today in afghanistan following a deadly attack there on monday. troops are searching cars and trucks entering the capital and have set up more checkpoints.
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this a day after the taliban launched an assault on government buildings with car bombs and gunfire that left at least 12 people dead. voters are heading to the polls today in massachusetts in a race between democrat martha coakley and republican scott brown to fill ted kennedy's senate seat. also at stake, the democrats' 60-vote supermajority in the senate. president obama wants congress to approve more than $1 billion in additional money for education grants, and so, he's outlining that proposal today at a virginia elementary school. and to mark tomorrow's first anniversary of president obama's inauguration, a statue of first lady michelle obama was unveiled this morning at madame tussauds in london it joined a statue of the president that was already there on display. it is now six minutes past the hour. let's go back to matt and natalie. >> we are sitting here -- >> that story about jeanette, i just can't get over there. >> shaking our heads over that rescue story. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> that's the thing. our cameras, the cameras of itn just happened to be there. that is the story that they're
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hoping for, the miracles that they're getting, actually, that is amazing, in haiti today. >> she sings and then drives off in a car. >> i know, as if nothing had happened. >> after six days. >> it's incredible. you hope we hear more stories like that in the days to come. ann, thank you. let's get out to al now, in los angeles, where the people are really keeping an eye on the skies. the weather is just soaking them. al? >> absolutely. they had heavy rain yesterday, some areas picking up in the mountaintops about three to five inches of rain. closer to the ground, about four inches of rain to two inches of rain. today not quite so much. tomorrow, though, we've got a big one coming. we're in la canada flintridge, and you can see this parade of storms, each one just marching onshore, caught up by this 200-mile-per-hour jet stream. and in fact, we're starting to get some sprinkles right now. we've got flood watches and we've also got high wind warnings and wind advisories. a real mess here. look on the radar. you can see the heavy rain now is moving into northern california and now starting to spread down here into southern
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california as well. rainfall amounts over the next 24 hours, we're talking about anywhere from three to five inches of rain. snowfall amounts up to two feet of snow in the mountains of the wasatch, the siskiyous and the rockies. so there is a lot more coming. and then there is a big storm >> good morning. we should see a mixture of clouds and sunshine as we had to the day to day, and a 20% to 30% chance of a rain shower. generally dry.
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well, that's your latest weather. 100 homes in this area were evacuated yesterday. they're back in their homes but ready to go again if these mudslides start one more time. ann? >> all right, al, thank you so much. families here in the u.s. are still waiting to learn the fate of loved ones missing in haiti. we're going to talk to the relatives of the four lynn university students still unaccounted for in the haitian capital. they were at their hotel when the earthquake struck a week ago. nbc's michelle kosinski is in port-au-prince this morning with more. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. we were at that hotel yesterday, and rescuers told me they heard tapping coming from inside the rubble as recently as yesterday morning. the owner of the hotel was pulled out alive on sunday. so, stories like those continue to give families of the missing some reason to hold on to hope. the once beautiful hotel on the hill overlooking the capital now looks like much of
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port-au-prince, an unrecognizable mass of pancaked concrete. but inside this wreckage of the montana hotel, people have been found alive just last sunday, tapping heard as recently as monday. dan woolley from colorado springs was pulled from the montana friday after nearly three days trapped in the elevator. he had used his iphone's medical apps to treat his own wounds and wrote final notes to his children in his blood-stained journal. >> "i love you, josh and nathan, and you're the joy and pride of my life." >> reporter: but at home in south florida, where classmates hold vigil every night for the four lynn university students and two faculty still missing at the montana. >> they're there. we believe. we need other people to believe. >> reporter: the families ask why more cannot be done. >> this is a nightmare! this is a living nightmare and we need government intervention.
9:11 am
the united states of america needs to get to the hotel montana and get our children now! >> reporter: the university group of 14 had come to distribute food to poor haitian people the day before the disaster. the missing students were in their rooms when it happened, the teachers in the gym. the eight who survived, most of whom were by the hotel's pool, have spoken about wanting to come back here for their teammates. >> after we hugged our parents and loved ones and felt safe, we were all like ready to go back, because we're missing two professors and four other students. >> reporter: the family of courtney hayes from georgia has traveled to the dominican republic looking for information and for their child in hospitals. the parents of britney gangel, who were originally told she had been found alive, only to then hear the heartbreaking truth,
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can only wait and know that rescuers here are trying to help answer their prayers. >> we need a miracle now. >> reporter: with more than 100 people thought to still be inside, this place now represents the destruction that has befallen families everywhere. while rescuers vow to keep looking for life. miami-dade fire rescue was there and they told me, though, that their dogs did not hit on any signs of life, although rescuers have planned to keep looking today. ann. >> all right, michelle kosinski. michelle, thanks. the families of those missing students are joining us once again this morning. good morning to all of you. >> good morning, ann. >> good morning. >> now, i understand that just a few moments ago you were on the phone with senator john kerry, and as you are taking this one step at a time, going through all of the pain and worry about all of this, and i'm sure watching the piece we just showed you wasn't easy for you -- were you able to get any good news from the senator,
9:13 am
lynn? >> we have faith and we have lots of love from our country and from people all over the world. and we're waiting right now for a phone call back from senator kerry. we need more troops at that hotel. we need physical labor at that hotel, ann. that is what we need. we need the united states government to get 500, 1,000 troops up there. they have not been there. we need them there now. >> let me tell you something th tim callahan, the chief of the u.s.'s disaster assistance response team in haiti said, lynn. he said that rescue teams at the hotel montana are working as hard as they can to locate as many survivors they can. he said this on monday. "my heart is heart wrenching for those who just don't know, but i will tell you that the teams will not stop. the teams are working as hard as
9:14 am
they can. the teams have gone back to many different sites looking at different areas of the structure." lynn, sheryl ann, who wants to take this? do you feel as though that they're doing enough? i mean, i'm hearing from len, he's feeling that he wants more people there. are you feeling, when you listen to this statement by tim callahan, that he just doesn't have enough people? what is your response to his statement yesterday? >> i think our feeling is a great feeling of appreciation for the people that are working so hard, but i think because they can't bring machines in there, our feeling is, they need manpower, they need people in there to help them move out those big boulders, move aside those cement slabs. you know, it's great what they're doing, and i know they're working so hard, but we have to give it everything we have, because they just -- you said in your report this morning, they heard tapping yesterday. can't they get to where that tapping is? i mean, there's -- there's got
9:15 am
to be a way. in the world that we live in, there has got to be a way. >> we've got to -- we need our country, we need the united states of america, our country to take control of this situation. they've got the people up there. we need more manpower. we need our government to take control of this situation. we are begging for that. >> so, that is your -- >> and our prayer -- we are praying and begging for that. >> so, then what are -- >> and there's -- >> go ahead. >> and there's a reason why the united states of america got to the point that we're at now, where we are the greatest and grandest country. and it was not by standing by and letting things happen. it was by doing things and thgs done, and that's what we're asking for. this government was by the people, for the people. we are the people. you're looking at the people right now, and we want our government to help and do everything that they can to help get these girls and these teachers and those other
9:16 am
americans out of that hotel. >> ann? >> yes, sir. >> ann, on friday, it took every ounce of our being on friday -- and i pleaded to president barack obama, father to father, i pleaded to him to get troops in there on friday. we know -- we have talked to tom, who i believe you had on this show, and tom showed us yesterday how the roof slid off that hotel. he has great hope that these people are alive. and they are our children and faculty and lots of other people from across the world that are there. how can, as parents, how can we encourage others to allow their kids on this mission of hope -- that's what it was called -- it's turned into a mission of hell for all of us sitting here and for our daughters that are in that hotel! they're in there, ann. they're not under tents. they're in concrete in the dark
9:17 am
and we need american soldiers on that site now. please, i'm begging you, president barack obama, father to father, get those troops to that hotel. >> your frustration is palpable, and certainly, anyone watching this has heard you and certainly, this will be heard by the white house. have you been successful at having conversations beyond speaking on television with people who can make your wishes come true in the government? >> no. >> barely. >> no. >> senator kerry -- >> senator kaee oor kerry has b own conversation -- >> direct contact. >> and that did not occur until yesterday, which is six days after this earthquake, which -- >> it actually took going on national tv and pleading our case time and time and time again to get our government to respond to this in the way that
9:18 am
it should have all along. that's pretty sad, i think, for the united states of america to have these individuals pleading for help. >> all right, well -- >> and thank god for you folks. thank god for the media, because the media is telling our story. thank you. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> we appreciate it. >> we appreciate you. >> well, thank you so much and we will continue to watch your story and pray for your girls. and thank you so much this morning. if we could hug you, we all would, i know. >> thank you, ann. >> thank you. we'll take it. >> and we're back with more "today" after this. what's our favorite part of honey bunches of oats? the sparkly flakes. the honey-baked bunches! the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunches of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. honey bunches of oats. we call the bunches in honey bunches of oats the prize in the box. well, now there's a prize inside the prize. pecans! pecans! baked into crunchy oat bunches. taste the delicious surprise in every spoonful. new honey bunches of oats with pecan bunches.
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[ male announcer ] tell us how you roll at why do women like you love activia light? sometimes i have no choice but to eat on the run... and to eat whatever happens to be around. heavy greasy food that's hard on my diet... and my digestive system. so i eat activia light every day. activia light, with bifidus regularis is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system. mmmm. the new taste is better than ever. and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia! this morning on "today's real estate," real things that will trash your credit. barbara corcoran is here with myths and surprises home buyers should avoid in this credit-stingy market.
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good morning. >> good morning, natalie. >> got a lot to cover. first mistake is not checking out your credit reports and fico score. why? >> the reason is because any bank that will grant you a mortgage checks all three credit reports. you can get one for free or pay $10 to $15 for each one, but you can have a chance to correct your errors. >> and you've got to know what you're worth. you also say closing charge accounts is a mistake. a lot of us carry a lot of cards, but by closing them, you're hurting yourself. >> nothing wrong with paying them off, but don't close them, because that tells the bank how much available credit you have, and they want to lend the most to the people with the most available credit. >> that means -- don't carry a huge balance on the cards, right? >> of course not. keep your balance below 30% of what's available, and that in the parlance of banking means that you got an "a" on your report card. >> next is making big purchases before locking in a mortgage rate. a lot of people are buying appliances or furniture before moving into their home. not such a good idea. >> just wait until you actually have your mortgage commitment. then go buy your car and appliances, because it will ding
9:22 am
your credit rating. not a good idea. >> another big mistake, you say, is asking your creditor to lower your credit limit. what's wrong with that knwh. >> it sounds like a nice guy thing, help me control my spending, but again, you lose available credit. >> got to have that credit. next thing is you say don't spend more than one month shopping for a mortgage. what happens after the 30 days? >> the way the system works is you have 30 days to shop as much as you want. after the 30 days, every time a creditor looks into your credit, you lose five points on your credit rating. you do it all within a month and you're fine. >> okay. so, if you're out there looking for the best interest rate deal, you say do it in that window, 30-day window. >> exactly. >> the next mistake a lot of people make is paying off one credit card to pay off another. how does that ding you? >> for the bank, the way they look at it is it's just too darn fancy. it's like robbing from peter to pay paul. they're not comfortable. >> okay, so, what are some things people can do, if you have a bad credit rating, what are three simple things they can do to fix it? >> first of all, paying your balances on time. keeping your balances below 30%
9:23 am
is also important. and third, don't be shy with asking a creditor, if you've been late with one payment, don't be shy about asking them to simply erase it from your credit rating. they will do it immediately. >> barbara corcoran, thank you. very good information. we'll be back. and there's the meatloaf. yuck. look what sometimes happens with the ordinary bag. it slips, oh, bingo, it falls in. mom was mad. mom should have used glad forceflex with the new stretchable drawstring that grips the can and stays in place. plus, it has the stretchable strength of forceflex. that's all today for glad tv. both: don't get mad-- get glad! go-gurt is specially made to freeze and thaw by lunch time? so kids can have their favorite yogurt in their lunch box go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up.
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get started at >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. the cameras are flashing along state highways, generating lots of revenue for the state. new numbers for the speed cameras show that from mid- november to early january, more than 8700 pictures that this act, resulting in $40 cetaceans each. what have those in the construction. on at north charles street. one lawmaker is proposing that the limited to fines for workers on site. dozens of people rallied outside the state house over
9:27 am
concealed firearms laws. the legislation would allow people to carry concealed weapons in maryland. similar proposals have failed in past years. >> weather should be quiet today. a little more clout cover them yesterday. 20% to 30% chance of running into light rain showers ago. a mixture of clouds and a little bit of sunshine with the 30% chance of a shower. average high temperature this time of year is 41 degrees. still above the market today. sunset at some of minutes after 5:00. wbal-- 12 minutes after 5:00. it should be a dry day on wednesday. towards the end of the week, a store may come out of the planes but that may give us a little bit of trouble. a mixture of rain and snow flakes.
9:28 am
predominantly rain. we do not expect any accumulation out of a storm. late thursday and friday. it looks like a 50-50 weekend with saturday being the best day after the two. >> we will have another update at 9:55.
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♪ if you need, you need me to be with you, i will follow you when you leave ♪ we're listening to the legendary singer and songwriter carole king, with one of her songs from her seminole album called "tapestry," and she's got a friend, another musical great. of course, we're talking about james taylor, and they're hitting the road together and they'll be here with a preview live tomorrow on "today." >> wow. huge talent. >> wouldn't that be fun to see that? >> great. meantime, still to come this half hour, how some of the healthiest countries in the world eat and stay slim and trim, from italy to japan to sweden. we're going to go over the five
9:31 am
basic ingredients in their diets and give you the five global ingredients you might want to have in your pantry. all right, also ahead, if you like the layered look, but don't want to look too bulky or bundled up for winter. we'll tell you how to do it right. layering revealed. rules to dress by. and we'll talk to the people who make your kids love reading. first, let's head outside to los angeles, where al is keeping an eye on some storms there. hey, al, buddy. how are you doing? oh, we're doing well. good to see you back, ann, after your great reporting there in haiti. we're in la canada flintridge, where we had people evacuated yesterday. they're back in their homes, but we're watching one storm come in. that one's going to bring some rain, but a bigger storm coming in tomorrow into thursday. let's check it out, see what's happening for you. for today, we're expecting plenty of sunshine along the eastern seaboard, rain through the interior sections of new york, sunny on the gulf coast, heavy rain through the southwest. expect the heavy rain from northern california make its way
9:32 am
into southern california. tomorrow, the risk of some strong storms through the gulf coast, rain through the mid-mississippi river valley. upper mississippi seeing some icy conditions. >> at the weather should be fairly quiet today. a little more clout copper, and a 20% chance of running into a rain that's your latest weather, guys. back to you. >> all right, al, thanks. >> thanks. >> stay dry. coming up next, uncovering the styling secrets of the layered look. that's coming up right after this. veggies in your house?
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all done. good job. mustache. ♪ [ female announcer ] childhood is calling. this morning on "today's style," the layered look revealed. so, how do you manage to look chic and fashionable without looking like the state puff marshmallow man? elise lunin is "lucky" magazine's editor at large, here to peel back the layers for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're going to start off with tips so you don't end up looking like the michelin man, too. >> bulky. keep the layers thin. you're going to wear a lot of them, they'll add up. second of all, make each piece play its part, so all the pieces should be visible. >> right. >> finally, play with color and texture just so the pieces play off each other. it makes it more complex and interesting. >> probably also a good tip not to go through airport security
9:38 am
with all these layers. we'll look from the outside in, we'll look at the final look and peel back the layers as then show you how it's all done. >> exactly. >> first look is for the weekend. and to show us this look, let's bring out indera. now, we're seeing sort of her at the end stage of the game. she's ready to head out the door right now. tell us about this. >> exactly. she's wearing a relatively lightweight jacket with a fur trim hood and it's a fun pattern for the weekend. >> mixing the textures and patterns. she's doing that. >> and if she wants to take off the coat, you'll see she's wearing an l.l. bean down vest. this is great for the winter because it's cute, you can see everything underneath, but it's not bulky, just keeping the core warm. >> taking off the mittens and the vest. then we're down to -- >> and take off the scarf, so we can see the american apparel tunic. it's a huge trend. and this is great -- >> with the tights, right? >> yeah, the leggings. so, you can wear something fitted below and get away with more volume up top. you never want volume up top and
9:39 am
volume below. it will make you look way heavier than you actually are. >> and under that layer -- >> she's wearing this jewel-tone thermal. >> and this is as far as we're going to go with her. not to worry, people. >> exactly. not too scandalous. this is kind of a glamorous version of a long john. >> okay. >> i stockpile these every winter. >> and it's a great layering piece, as you said. >> yes. >> so, let's show you again the steps if we were to layer her back up again. you can see the pieces with the chambray shirt on top and working our way back, this is the vest and then back to the coat and mittens and everything else and that's how we put the look together. it looks great. nicely done. thanks, indera. okay, second layered look is an evening outfit, so not as many layers here. our second model, juliette. she's ready to go to her event. >> it can be difficult to do layers for evening and for winter, but keep it streamlined. this is a faux fur jacket from zara, which is on sale. coats are now on sale, so it's a great time to buy one. >> absolutely. >> these long, elegant gloves. >> if she peels back that layer.
9:40 am
>> right. take off that coat and you'll see she's really playing with texture, not so much with color, but the sequins. they're sort of a coppering color, more understated and more interesting than a traditional black sequin. >> that way you don't freeze as well. >> right. if you take off the capelet, you'll see this j. crew tank dress. and it's jersey. it's very forgiving, glances off her curves, it's not fitting, and because it's loose, she could wear long johns under there and no one will know. and you can wear this all year long. >> let's bring it back and dress it back up again. you'll see putting the sequin little jack back on her to make it more formal once again. >> and if you look closely, you'll see she's wearing a lace slip. that's just another extra touch. >> then back with the coat. and it works so well. great evening outfit. thank you, joliet. okay, then finally, our work look. and let's bring out our model, carrie to show us how we can get dressed up once again.
9:41 am
this is her going to work. >> poor kari. she's in six layers, extreme layering at its best. in an office, it's really important to be able to regulate your temperature. >> she's got the thick, wool scarf on. >> and her pea coat is cut voluminouinou voluminously. >> i have that same coat, h&m. great deal, it's great. >> and layer two cardigans. it sounds crazy, but it's a great way to stay bathroom. make sure the one on top is longer and thicker. >> okay, so, that's the trick there. >> and then you have a mint green cardigan, a great way to add color -- >> to the outfit. >> otherwise very corporate, work-related outfit. then the belt. if you're wearing lots of pieces of clothing and you want to accentuate your waistline, this is a great way to sort of bring it all in together. >> this would be hard through airport security. >> i know, right? but she still looks completely dressed, which is the great thing about layering. then finally, she's wearing a thin turtleneck and a crisp white button-down that
9:42 am
differentiates between the gray -- >> you see that look a lot now. the layering thing is everywhere. let's show you how we put the outfit back together again. you see the pieces coming back on to her with the cardigan and now the gray cardigan on top and finally the coat and that really thick wool scarf. feel so much lighter now, right? you dropped about ten pounds in this segment. okay, let's bring all our models in for one last look. ladies, come on in. here they are back, stripped down to their final look. elise lunan, good job. >> thank you. >> gave us some good ideas on how to layer up, so thank you. coming up next, healthy diet secrets from around the globe, right after this. creating perfect hiding places? that's why there's new... aquafresh iso-active whitening. the revolutionary gel transforms into an active foam, that expands to protect between teeth. it removes three times more bacteria than regular paste as it whitens. plus, you get all the triple protection of aquafresh. remove more bacteria with the latest breakthrough in oral care. switch to new aquafresh iso-active whitening. this has been medifacts for aquafresh iso-active whitening.
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9:47 am
we've got celebrity trainer harley pasternak out to change that. he's got a new book called "the 5 factor world diet." she's sharing health secrets from some of the healthiest places in the world. harley, good morning. >> good morning. >> this is an interesting idea. what gave you this idea? >> i grew up in the most ethnically diverse city in the world, toronto. so when we went out to dinner, there was no canadian food. we had japanese or italian or korean. so i became fascinated with the cuisines of the world and i travel with my clients on tour, and i don't see as many overweight people in other countries as here. >> and there are statistics to support that, right? >> yes. >> tell us about the statistics. >> the world health organization lists the countries with the longest lifespans in the world. they include japan, china, singapore, sweden, italy, spain, france, greece. and i looked at these countries and compared which ones are haeyth because of their diet, which ones are healthy because of socialized medicine, and i found these. >> let's take a look at italy. in italy, they eat a lot of tomatoes, which is very good for
9:48 am
you. what else would you say about it? >> tomatoes, beans, chick peas, garbanzo beans. whole wheat pasta is something we can do here in the united states, which is high in fiber, high in protein. olive oils, balsamic vinegars, great seasoning, basil, oregano. >> really a lot of fresh eating, really. and in italy, that's really a great thing. now, when we move to japan, not only is it the food, but also some of the ways people eat. a lot of people are familiar with the food -- a lot of fish, seaweeds, soybeans and a lot of green tea, which is on the good list, but there's something else in japan where people don't eat until they're full. >> it's not just about what you eat, it's how you eat. and when i studied these countries, this ceremony of eating was so important. so, they practice something called hari han buchme, and it basically means stop when you're 75% full and wait five or ten minutes, and if you're hungry still, go ahead and eat. but i want to okinawa and these people 100 years old, eating high amounts of soy, seaweed and
9:49 am
fish, and it's amazing to see how old and healthy they are. >> and moving to sweden, there you see a lot of whole grains and yogurts, and what else should we know? >> there is such a contrast from the asian countries to sweden, because dairy is such a big part of the swedish diet, and looking at the thick yogurts you see in sweden, the berries they consume, such a different concept of healthy eating there, but the breads were interesting. they were heavy, dark, rich ryes with whole grains, so different from the bread we eat in the united states. >> is it fair to say these countries on your list and your book -- and we're only addressing three of them today -- a lot of them have maybe less preservatives, less chemicals in their foods? because that seems to be the takeaway looking at the table so far. >> some good, yeah. they're simpler. they don't have as many things -- for example, there's a snack bar that i looked at in japan that only has five ingredients in the whole bar. and when i look at some of the other bars in the united states, you have 10 to 20 to 30 ingredients. >> and you can't read or even know what they are, most of them. >> exactly. exactly. >> this is a table pulling
9:50 am
together what's possible for us in the united states taking in some of these ideas. what do you suggest for americans in terms of what takeaway can they make from your ideas and your book in terms of improving their diets? >> there are certain ingredients like whole grains and beans. don't be scared of canned beans, they're just as healthy as fresh beans. they'll store for a long time. you can make soups, dips, salads. it's a great way to get fiber and protein in your diet. soy, again, very healthy in japan, a lot of china, korea, singapore. you can try soy milks. try -- make sure it's whole soy you're getting. whatever product, whether it's a soy bar or a soy milk, like veggie dogs -- >> my son loves these smart dogs. >> these are great. they're great for kids. >> taste good. >> chop them up, put toothpicks in them, dip them in mustard, they're delicious. yogurt, you can have dairy. this is a thick style yogurt. it's double or triple the protein. >> one of my favorites. >> and these are easy to find everything. >> harley, trying to keep people
9:51 am
healthy. keep working on it and we'll try to get with the program. thank you. coming up next, ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little somethin' to remember ♪ ♪ spread a little joy and see ♪ need a little happiness to be ♪ ♪ living the life with me
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9:53 am
the american library association's awards are considered the oscars of children's literature, and the 2010 winners have just been announced. >> rebecca steed is the prestigious newbery medal winner for the "when you reach me" and jerry pickney won the medal for his illustration in the book "the lion and the mouse." congratulations to both of you. >> thank you, thank you. >> and you're the president of the american library association. >> good morning. >> good morning to all. let's start with you, because rebecca, your book is really -- it's sort of a real-life story, but it has a fantastical element to it, as well. tell me about that. >> that's exactly right. it goes through a lot of the ordinary experiences that -- >> every child growing up.
9:54 am
>> -- every sixth grader might have. but then there is this mystery and sort of a streak of the fantastic. >> and jerry, your book is nearly wordless. >> thank you. >> you really let the illustrations tell the story. it's really stunning. what's your feeling this morning, hearing about getting this award? >> oh, i mean, to get this recognition about a story that's been coursing through my rains from as far back as i can remember, and also a book that speaks to family and of rewards in many, many ways. so, this morning, this day i can't tell you how pleased and thrilled i am. >> great. and we were talking about the selection process. >> right. >> it has to be -- i mean, these are the coveted prizes of the literary world. >> right. >> when it comes to children's literature. >> it does. >> how did you go about selecting? >> the american library association has juries that do
9:55 am
this and read a lot, look a lot at the materials, and we celebrate excellence with these two awards, and it's the best of the best, and they're recognized not only nationally but internationally. >> and these books stand out because they do all of that, yeah. >> yeah, they do. >> thank you. >> these awards are so great because they help us know what to buy, and so kids are going to be influenced by your work. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. a team of medical professionals from st. joseph's medical center is preparing to leave for haiti to 931 member, and an anesthesiologist, says that the team will most likely be performing amputations after the quake. and the doctor is among medical personnel already in the nation. she says that there is some good
9:56 am
news. news. she was able to deliver a
9:57 am
between meat and mystery when they enter... the frozen zone. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery, just real, all white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients. perdue frozen chicken. all white meat. no mystery. >> welcome back. the weather should be quiet on this tuesday, relatively mild. we should make it into the upper 40's this afternoon. a mixture of clouds and a little bit of sunshine. a 30% chance for a rain shower. but basically dry. chillier in the next couple of days. a chance for rain possibly mixed with a little snow starting late thursday and friday.
9:58 am
>> see you back here for 11 news at noon. they've been together ever since. for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. vows that were tested and kept. thanks, hon. even when cancer hit and cost wayne his job. and scleroderma hit and cost him his hands. and then the wall street crash hit and cost them their life savings. still, they struggle on just to get by, to keep food on the table and to heat their home.
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